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Our Vision

We are the largest community interest basketball club operated as a social enterprise utilising sport generally, or basketball specifically as a tool for social change. We are dedicated to raising the life expectancy local people by delivering healthy lifestyle education, both accredited & non-accredited learning and employability skills training through sport.

Our  Aim

Our aims are to provide training programmes that develop the soft skills of local people living in the most deprived wards of Birmingham. In addition, our aim is to engage with the hardest to reach groups in our society through sport in order to reduce worklessness by providing high quality volunteering roles as well as both accredited and non-accredited learning that develops these hard to reach group’s employability skills in a way that is socially inclusive, positive and enjoyable for them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve our aims by developing and utilising community programmes for our participants to access. Through our work in schools & the wider community we are able to provide quality work experience or volunteering roles for our members. Our learning activities are focussed at developing those specific skills that will bring the beneficiary along the pathway into employment. Our programmes are ultimately designed to raise the employability of the individual through confidence building workshops, training courses that tackle behaviour & attitudes towards wider society or volunteer/sessional work with our paid staff on our community programmes.

Our Key Principles

Through our organisation we help vulnerable or hard to reach residents claim space, build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and strengthen their social relationships. Through our organisation and sport-based and non-sport programmes we promote leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and networking as well as negotiation skills in order to empower participants.

Through our organisation we effectively deliver lifesaving information on the long term effects of drugs & alcohol, HIV, body functioning, diseases, and hygiene to vulnerable and hard to reach people. Through our organisation we enable vulnerable and hard to reach young people a chance to be children again by encouraging resilience in addition to providing cognitive programmes that challenge their behaviour and thinking.

Through our organisation we will work to help reintegrate as many vulnerable and hard to reach young people as we can back into mainstream education, employment or training.

Contact Information

Tel: 0121 678 8844

E-mail: hello@babasketball.co.uk


Aston Athletics Basketball Club,
BVSC Building,
138 Digbeth
B5 6DR


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