District League


rowing basketball in the city


50 new basketball clubs formed in Birmingham, 10 representative District Basketball club and 40 representative Ward basketball clubs

To encourage 3000 young people to actively play basketball on a regular basis


how it works                             

The Birmingham A's District Basketball League will be a Central venue basketball league. The league is intended to allow those that enjoy sport to show case what they can do at a competitive level, whilst giving the opportunity for a fun and informal introduction to basketball. The league will be made up from representative clubs that the A's are developing with local people and communitities, enabeling young people to access sport regardless of their background.

The district clubs will be responsible for developing basketball locally, although the league will be administrated centrally in order to maintain quality and control over all aspects of the basketball delivery. Each district team will host a central venue league tournament allowing the replication of a home and away format, bringing about greater opportunities for community cohesion and building social capital.


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