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There are a number of areas within the West Midlands region that are coronary heart disease black spots. Statistics show that far too many of the adult population in the region are overweight; a good percentage of those are now classed as obese. Younger generations are increasingly at risk, the British Heart Foundation states a quarter of children watch four hours of television a day and only one third of schools offer two hours a week of physical activity. Coronary heart disease is now three times higher among unskilled men than among professionals and the gap has widened sharply in the last 20 years.


How does it work?
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The health education road-show - Teacher’s Comments

Rachel Buckingham, Head of Community, Heartlands Academy

“The basketball guys were great, a wonderful opportunity for the children to question them, they gave much credibility to the advice, it really hit home. This is so important, particularly in our school where the messages are so mixed from home”.

“Thank you! Children who are normally reluctant to take part in exercise were totally involved and are now keen to learn more about basketball. The players were wonderful with the children – really good role models. The children are more likely to listen to the advice from sports people than just their own teachers. It was a huge success – the children have never stopped talking about it”.

Children’s Comments

Riess Faure- Daley, Great Barr Secondary School, Perry Barr, Birmingham

“I told my Dad about smoking and I told my Mom and she is trying to stop. I’ve got to say it was the best day ever I thank you for a great day, the A’s are  the best!”

Rahiel Khan, Kinglsland Junior School, Birmingham

“I am very grateful and appreciate you bringing the Birmingham A’s into our school. Because of that I am now going to Year 6 coaching.”

Omar Abdi,, Heartlands Academy

“I would like it if I had a brother like Charles, he was always smiling and helped if we did a mistake ... I had the best day and it encouraged me to play basketball”


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