we are going to achieve...

6000 children and young people reporting  an increased awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of drugs and anti-social behaviour.

Recruit, assess and induct 180 young people into voluntary community sports roles. 

Enable 90 Young people who are currently not in education training or emplyment ( NEET ) to gain an NVQ in a basketball related subject.


What we can offer you


Not only are we offering youth intervention or youth leadership within the school environment we are offering accredited training courses, and life skills workshops for your year 10 or 11 students.

Empowerment can only be brought about by feeling part of a community within sport. We want to encourage young people in your schools to be leaders or role models as well as being creative by providing key roles on our H.E.A.R.T.S  programme either as administrators or game day organisers; we will encourage all of the young people to become qualified coaches, referees, table officials or statisticians in order raise their skill and aspiration levels so they can potentially earn money in their spare time.

The essential elements of the Yes U Can programme are the creation of education,training and employment opportunities for your pupils. A pupil would experience the feeling of working in a community based organisation,working with other young people and peer groups in an activity that promotes healthy lifestyle education, training and employment.

The Birmingham A’s have mens,women’s and a junior basketball programme which means that regardless of age or gender the opportunities are available to your pupils. We provide youth leadership roles for young people such as helping deliver school  tournaments, assemblies and healthy lifestyle education programmes.

The training courses that we provide not only ensure inclusion or participation in the club on all levels for volunteers and players but also provide  skills that are greatly in demand by the basketball community. Referee’s, table officials, coaches and game day organisers will always be needed therefore by providing training for these skills we are offering volunteers the opportunity to become invaluable, whether through finding employment with other clubs or by being able to develop basketball within their local schools.

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